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Instantly Harness Your Inner Strength
And Get A Perfect Six-Pack In 2 Weeks...
Outlaw Bodybuilder Breaks His Silence And Reveals The Secrets To His Success!

Read On To Discover How You Can Get Amazingly Toned Abs Within A Fortnight. No More Wasting Time Doing Pointless Exercises As I Set The Record Straight!

From: John Dallas
London, UK


Dear Friend and Fitness Fan,

How many times have YOU tried, and failed, to get that perfect Six-Pack? How much money have YOU wasted on silly gadgets and gizmos that never seem to work? How would YOU like to learn of a 100% Full-Proof Method that can GUARANTEE you a Six-Pack within two weeks?

Let's be honest here. The chances are, you don't have a CLUE how to tone your lower stomach correctly; or practically any other part of your body for that matter. You've may have purchased other eBooks on this subject - but I bet I'm right in saying that they didn't work the way they promised.

It's Time To Clear Up The Bullsh*t.

There are too many 'nonsense' Guides circulating on the Internet, written by people who do not have the first idea about fitness. Let me tell you something: buying fitness belts, lotions or creams will not help you get a toned stomach. Believe me; I've had clients who have tried EVERY gadget and gizmo on the market today. Yet they still came to me afterwards, when they discovered that these products are nothing but HYPE.


John Dallas
CEO SixPackThatLasts

Let Me Introduce Myself.

My name is John Dallas and I've been a strength & fitness coach for just over sixteen years. I've been a full-time bodybuilder for five years. I've helped celebrities, millionaires, housewives, office workers - pretty much everyone from every possible walk of life - to get the body that they REALLY want; in a time-frame they can work with.


Nine times out of ten, the people who come to me want firmer, well-toned 'abs' (the stomach muscles known as a six-pack) like David Beckham, Brad Pitt - or practically any other male celebrity these days. My exclusive Guide has been helping people for the last three years do exactly that.

It's been billed as the "Lazy Man's Guide to Fitness" by several leading health experts - as there are no rigorous exercises in my eBook. You can - and will - notice a difference within days - not weeks or months.

Don't Just Take My Word For It.

Read what some of my customers have to say about this eBook:

Testimonial #1:

"John, this guide is literally the best. Over $500 spent on worthless books, eBooks and guides. It's nice to know someone out there is dedicated to helping others and not just lining their own pockets..."

Devon Corbank
New Jersey

Testimonial #2:

"...This eBook is like gold-dust. I can't believe I stumbled upon something as unique and extensive as this. You should be charging a lot more for this information John...

Definitely a satisfied customer here!"

Jason Moon

Testimonial #3:

"Brilliantly written eBook John. I've started to notice my Abs are becoming firmer almost by the day. I've been a member of my local Gym for nearly a year - but have never had this level of success before. You must be doing something right..."

Parvez Jasani
Manchester, UK

I'd like you to think about something for a minute. How much money are YOU wasting on Gym Memberships and expensive fitness equipment? What if I could tell you a way to get firmer, larger Abs for just a fraction of the cost? Would you be interested?

Dare To Take The Ultimate Lazy Guy's Path To Firmer, Larger Abs?

4 Good Reasons Why You Can Benefit From My Fitness Guide

Customers and health experts alike agree this is...

100% Easy! (Even if you're overweight, or an OAP, you can do this!)

100% Safe! (All my methods are recognised in the industry)

100% Trusted! (Just take a look at some of the testimonials on this page...)

100% No-Risk! (If you don't like what you see, you can simply get a refund.)

You also get a full 60-Day, Money-Back Guarantee:

My 60-Day No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee...

If, after trying out the methods in my eBook and seeing for yourself, you find there is no noticable change:

...You are welcome to ask for a full No-Questions-Asked Refund. So you get 60 Days to try it and see if it works for you.

That is how confident I am that you will enjoy my Guide.

All I ask is that you try the methods out first for the full 14 days and see if there are any changes. Who else offers this?


You've Tried To Get A Six Pack Before...

I promise you, this eBook is completely different from anything you've read before. How can I say this? Because I KNOW what people have been saying about my methods. It sounds silly, but I get a large amount of feedback from people daily, letting me know how they get on.

If you want to:

  • Get firmer, larger Abs within TWO weeks...
  • Learn how to eat correctly to maximize your muscle gains...
  • Learn what to avoid if you REALLY want to succeed..
  • Become a healthier, stronger human being...
  • Stay committed to something and NOT forget it within a few days...
  • No longer worry about what YOUR body looks like...

    If you answered 'Yes' to these, then you have definitely come to the right place. Take the next step by ordering below today at the sepcial discounted rate...

I'm Convinced John! Let Me Give Your Guide A Try...

Yes John! I am ready to purchase your Amazing Firmer Abs Guide and know I can be enjoying my better, bigger & firmer Six-Pack within 14 days or less.

I know that if I am not happy with the product, I can simply ask you for a full refund, after the inital 14-day period has passed.

Normal Price $59.00

Today Only $29.95

You will be billed by PayPal using Industry-Standard SSL protection.

PS: The reduced price above will expire on 4th October 2005. After this date, the regular price will be reinstated. If you are considering coming back at a later date, you are passing up the chance to save almost 50% off the RRP! Buy It Today - or miss out.

P.P.S: Please remember that this eBook is not like the others you may have purchased before. I'm so confident of this fact, that I am offering my 100% Money Back Guarantee to every new customer. You really do have nothing to lose!








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